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As a next step in better serving and coordinating care for patients, CCP is participating in the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) Global and Professional Direct Contracting (GPDC) model to offer benefits to Medicare enrollees who are covered by Traditional Medicare fee-for-service plans.

CCP works with its participating providers to add ease and efficiency in providing the care needed without network restrictions. By enhancing provider-to-provider communication and collaboration, providers and CCP work together to improve the overall health and experiences of patients who qualify for and choose Traditional Medicare benefits.

What is a Direct Contracting Entity (DCE)?

A DCE is a legal entity that participates in a Direct Contracting Participation Agreement with CMS. CCP has experience serving Traditional Medicare patients who voluntarily align with a CCP Provider or are aligned with CCP based on health care claims.

What is the difference between CCP and Medicare Advantage?

Patients attributed to CCP remain as Traditional Medicare patients and their health care coverage will not change. They retain the freedom to seek care from their established CCP/Medicare provider or any other Medicare provider.

Those who enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan must seek care within the plan’s specified provider network.



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