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Health is about so much more than medical care.

Our well-being also depends on the food we eat, the environments we live in, the jobs we hold, and what resources and opportunities are readily available.

At MetroHealth, we are tackling not only the issues that affect the health of our community, but we are continuously working to fix the root causes of those problems  as we strive to provide the necessary resources and best possible care to our patients and community.

MetroHealth’s Population Health Innovation Institute was established to help revolutionize clinically integrated delivery methods and the engagement and experience of patients. We are leading the way in developing and improving value-based care coordination beyond treating symptoms and ailments to early on prevent or minimize medical conditions.


With these exciting care models, we are fulfilling the needs of our patients and improving outcomes — all while lowering costs and improving efficiency.

Collaborative Care Partners, LLC represents the next step in better serving and coordinating care for patients who qualify for and choose Traditional Medicare coverage.

Click here to learn more about MetroHealth’s Population Health Innovation Institute.

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