Collaborative Care Partners (CCP) enhances the delivery of health care and slows the growth of health care costs by increasing coordination between health care providers, and between providers and patients who hold traditional (fee-for-service) Medicare coverage.
Collaborative Care Partners is also designed to provide increased access to programs and services, manage the costs of delivering quality care, and remove barriers patients face to achieving good health. CCP  helps its participating providers ensure that patients get the care they need, when they need it.

Collaborative Care Partners helps its participating providers improve the overall health of patients who qualify for and choose traditional Medicare.

This innovative model of care delivery teams with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to generate strong partnerships built on shared knowledge of patients’ health status, best practices and access to resources, adherence to wellness and treatment plans, and improved population health management.


If you hold traditional (fee-for-service) Medicare, you have the opportunity to receive enhanced benefits from Collaborative Care Partners.


Simply select a primary care doctor and/or other health care provider who is part of CCP. Working together, barriers to care will be reduced to ensure you are receiving the quality health care services you need when you need them – including care for complex chronic conditions like heart disease, COPD, diabetes and others – leading to better overall health for you.


CCP Providers are able to offer the following added benefits, such as:

  • One number to call for all your appointment scheduling needs.

  • An assigned health care coordinator who can help you manage your individual care needs, treatment choices and overall health.

  • Telehealth options where available, so you can get the care you need without leaving home.

  • Home care visits to ensure you receive needed follow-up care after any hospital stays.

Locate a Collaborative Care Partner primary care provider, by visiting their website to find a location nearest you. 

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